Grey or beige, Grey & Beige ?

I seem to be having more and more conversations with clients over the ‘Grey versus Beige’ issue. The general consensus appears to be that Grey and beige are not to be mixed. It’s more how you use them together and tones that make it work. We have seen a move away from browns towards grey in 2012, with Grey back drops being a key trend. Grey will continue to feature strongly in 2013. I hope the following images inspire you to introduce Grey in you your home.



A current project I am working on involves decorating the hallway; the existing carpet needs to stay. My client loves Grey but the carpet is beige. Whilst taking the brief the carpet actually has a green grey pattern running through, Grey would be the perfect choice, resulting in a modern twist for the Victorian home. 



If you want to learn more about colour I would recommend taking a look at Maria Kilo. If you would like to discuss you colour choices, book a colour or design consultation please feel free to email me at


A Great easy to use guide to Fabrics from Kothea


2A-Z Glossary or Guide of fabric qualities


American Cotton
Cotton of medium fineness and medium staple length.

Alpaca Angora
Natural hair from the alpaca, or animal from which the fibre alpaca is obtained.
Hair fibre from the angora rabbit.

Fine, soft,plain weave fabric. Originally linen, now other fibres, eg cotton.
Combination of two or more different fibres within the same yarn. This can be for cost, properties and/or appearance.
Colour-and-weave effect where the pattern shows small, uniform spots. The reverse side of a flat jacquard weft knitted fabric where the yarns are arranged to show minimum amounts of each colour in an all-over pattern.
Bouclé yarn
Fancy yarn showing an irregular pattern of curls or loops.
Non-jacquard double jersey weft knit structure made on an interlock basis showing horizontal ridges on the effect side.
Figured woven jacquard fabric, usually multicoloured, much used…

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Jab Collections

JAB collection is updated this month with the arrival of the Botanic Wallpaper Collection. an electric mix of Floral archive prints, butterflies and nature using traditional block printing methods. This is combined with Metallics backgrounds and accents.



The Wonderwall collection by Carlucci di Chivasso for JAB   features vinyl textured papers with a fashions focus approach. Animal prints, silk and wool effects, uneven horizontal, vertical stripes, and crystal beading.


To View the collections or for samples please contact or visit RHA Interiors



Harlequin New collection

Harlequin New collection

Harlequin launched the first edition of Momentum in 2010, featuring beaded wallpaper, metallic wallpapers. THe continuation of the Momentum Story this Autumn continues saw Beaded papers, graphic prints & Metallic highlights Sheers and structures fabric collection soft pallete of creams, … Continue reading