Candle Love

My penchance for  expensive scented candles continues The Paris Parfumeur Diptyque is my preference, beautiful elegant glass holders with the most exquisite scented slow burning candles.

I have a dear childhood friend to credit for this love with various scented birthday presents but her most recent special edition roses last year was my favourite and has lead many a decision for my forthcoming wedding. I always use the beautiful holders for various uses, flowers, pencil holders and the roses houses my beloved collection of Mac make up brushes.


We picked up the candles for the wedding today and whilst i was tempted by the Rose Duet We left with the classic Roses for the wedding and Verveine for our home. They are a treat but once you have them they will be hooked !!


Flamingo Trend

Foxes and Owls were key animal motifs for Autumn 2012, but we have welcomed a new feathered friend for spring – The Flamingo. I have long been lusting after a flamingo motif dress for my little girl, couldn’t resist any longer so had to pick it up today. Amanda at Your Children’s Wardrobe holds this collection along with an amazing range a beautiful clothes for your littles ones.


London design week took me on a visit to The Rug Company.. Suzy Hoodless has created the Flamingo wall hanging exclusive for The Rug Company, beautiful texture and colours.

Cristin for Simplified Bee has compiled a wonderful selection of Flamingo motif designed interior products and the do’s & dont’s of using them in your home. Take a look a the beautiful selection of fabrics and accessories.


One of my personal favourite wallpapers from Cole & Son, recently reworked to enhance the clarity of the flamingo motif and sharp colours to give the archive print a edgy look for 2013.